Zelensky\u2019s European tour has won critical support for Ukraine\u2019s counter ...In the past months, major world events have taken place, from devastating natural disasters to political upheavals in different regions. The world is constantly evolving, and it is pertinent to stay informed about what is happening around us. Here is a brief summary of the latest Germay News Today coming from different parts of the globe. Politics: The United States Presidential Election: The United States’ presidential election, which held on the 3rd of November, has been the most talked-about event of the year.

Joe Biden became the 46th President while Kamala Harris became the first-ever female Vice President-elect. Donald Trump, the incumbent President, refused to concede defeat, instead launched a series of lawsuits that would ultimately prove futile. The Election in Belarus: Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe, held presidential elections on August 9th which resulted in a massive political crisis in the nation. Belarus has been under the rule of Alexander Lukashenko since 1994, and his victory sparked off massive protests from the opposition.

The election has been widely criticized as being rigged, and the protests have endured for weeks. Lukashenko has refused to step down and continues to use force in suppressing the dissent. Hong Kong Protests: The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, which began last year, escalated during the last few months. The Chinese government has been trying to impose its authority over Hong Kong, a move that has been widely criticized by the international community.

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